Associate’s Degrees in Medical Records

Since a person’s medical records are not only the most valid indicator of past affliction and treatment, the fact that such records also often serve as the most tangible indicators of a person’s future health proves the importance of such documents to the healthcare industry.

What is this degree/subject matter about?

While medical records hold the key to a patients past and future medical history, they also serve as legal documents, and the method in which they are completed, as well as shared throughout the medical community is subject to the laws and the country and state in which they are produced. Because of this, the healthcare industry must have capable individuals – such as those who obtain an associate’s degree in medical records – who understand the medical, legal, and ethical implications of such documentation in place to ensure accurate information management.

What does it take to earn this degree, and what will it result in?

An associate of arts in health care administration/medical records is one example of a degree that provides such entry level training and expertise. During this typically two-year study program, students will marry knowledge in communication, mathematics and life sciences, with the understanding of how information technology aids the medical industry. As jobs are expected to grow by about 34 percent through this decade, students can expect entry level wages to eclipse $30,000 annually (

Online Medical Lab Tech Degrees

For those looking to become a medical laboratory technician, a minimum of a two-year associate's degree in health science or a closely related healthcare subject is usually required to gain an entry-level position in the field. For those looking for more advancement, a bachelor's degree is recommended. There are numerous accredited online schools that offer such degrees, listed below.

Kaplan University — One of the biggest online schools in the nation, Kaplan University provides many online degrees to help you begin a Medical Lab Technician career. While the degrees build a foundation in healthcare that carries throughout your career, more training may be required for your desired position. Kaplan's programs include associate degrees in medical assisting, medical transcription, human services, and health information technology.

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