Associate’s Degrees in Health Services

With the United States still fully entrenched in a mixed-market healthcare system – meaning that both public and private sources of health care are available to its people – the need for trained professionals who understand how to manage the administrative duties associated with health services continues to rise.

What is this degree/subject matter about?

While healthcare is most often viewed as the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness or injury – and it is all of those things – perhaps the most overlooked concept related to the delivery of healthcare today is that how such services are properly administered and accounted for. An associate’s degree in health services (one example is more specifically known an associated of science in health administration services) aims at training non-medical healthcare professionals to handle healthcare finance, records, and reimbursement systems, as well as properly comprehend legal and ethical issues the industry faces today.

What does it take to earn this degree, and what will it result in?

An AS in health administration services can most likely be completed in less than two years, and will include such coursework as medical terminology, concepts in healthcare organizations, and healthcare legal concepts. During study or upon completion, students will be prime candidates for office administration-oriented medical assistant positions. Job growth in this field is higher than most, and a median annual salary of more than $30,000 ( is the norm for entry level positions.

Online Medical Lab Tech Degrees

For those looking to become a medical laboratory technician, a minimum of a two-year associate's degree in health science or a closely related healthcare subject is usually required to gain an entry-level position in the field. For those looking for more advancement, a bachelor's degree is recommended. There are numerous accredited online schools that offer such degrees, listed below.

Purdue University — One of the biggest online schools in the nation, Purdue University provides many online degrees to help you begin a Medical Lab Technician career. While the degrees build a foundation in healthcare that carries throughout your career, more training may be required for your desired position. Purdue's programs include associate degrees in medical assisting, medical transcription, human services, and health information technology.

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