30 Incredible Job Sites for Medical Lab Technicians

As Baby Boomers age, all jobs in the healthcare industry are seeing an increase in demand. On top of that, the advances in technology mean that it is vital that there are competent lab technicians to meet the growing demands in hospitals and doctors offices. If you are medical lab tech, chances are that your skills are in demand.

If you are looking for a job with a good salary in a rewarding field, then working as a medical lab technician is probably a good fit. If you’re willing to relocate, that only increases your chances of finding the job you’re looking for. The great thing about online job sites is that you can search for jobs in any field and in any area. These 30 great jobs sites will not only help you find the job of your dreams, but they also offer valuable information and insight into the medical lab technician field.

Medical Technician Job Sites

If you are looking for niche websites, these can help. These are websites aimed mainly at helping medical lab technicians find work.

  1. Medical Technician Jobs: Great site from Top USA Jobs offers you the opportunity to search for jobs by city and by state.
  2. iHireMedTechs: Great place to start when you are looking for a position as a med lab tech. This web site is aimed specifically at helpin medical technicians find jobs.
  3. Technician Salary: Includes information on careers, salaries, and links to job sites.
  4. Medical Technology Jobs: Provided by Hire Medical, you can learn more about available openings, as well as get access to other useful tools.
  5. AuntMinnie Career Center: This is mainly for radiology lab technicians, but it is a great resource. Find different job openings, as well as articles related to helping you improve your career.
  6. RadWorking: Another site aimed at helping those looking for rad tech jobs. A great resource with different listings, resources, and helpful information.
  7. Med Tech – Lab jobs: This job board offers some helpful job listings, as well as including job listings by company and title.
  8. Medical Technologist: Use this web site as a starting point to look at job openings, find information on job responsibilities, and prepare for the next step in your career. A solid resource.
  9. American Society for Clinical Pathology: Find career resources, make connections, and look for medical lab technician jobs.
  10. How to Find a Med Tech Job: This helpful eHow article provides you with great information on looking for a job as a med tech, and provides good places to start your search.

Heath Care Job Sites

These sites includes positions for a variety of health care fields. However, they can be quite helpful, since many openings for medical lab techs are posted on health care career sites.

  1. Health Career Web: Find a wide variety of job openings in the field of health care. This includes plenty of medical lab technician jobs.
  2. Advance for Healthcare Careers: One of the most trusted names in health care, Advance offers a number of helpful resources, including career information and job listings.
  3. Medical Jobs/Healthcare Jobs: This great resource from Nation Jobs offers you access to the latest listings for medical jobs, including lab tech positions.
  4. HealthcareSource: Find jobs in various health care fields, including medical lab tech. You should be able to find what you are looking for if you use this as a starting point.
  5. HealthcareJobsite: You can search thousands of jobs using this site. This includes the med lab tech job you have been looking for. A great professional resource.
  6. Healthcare Jobs: This career center is all about health care professionals. This includes listings for medical lab technician jobs, so you can use this site to look for a job that works well for you.
  7. Hospital Jobs Online: Use this site as a resource if you want to find a medical lab technician job in a hospital. Openings all over the country.
  8. Health eCareers Network: Find a number of jobs in different areas. You should be able to find career information, and listings, for medical lab technician jobs as well.
  9. Med Hunting: Start here to find different jobs, including lab jobs. A great health care career resource.
  10. AllHealthcareJobs: Medical lab technicians can find job openings — right alongside openings for other health care professionals. A good place to get started in your medical career.
  11. Med Travelers: You might be surprised at the demand for health care workers who can travel. Check out this site to find out more about your options.

General Job Listing Sites

Many of the general job listing sites have sections aimed at health care professions. You are likely to find listings for medical lab techs, as well as for other health care professionals. It doesn’t hurt to visit these more general sites as part of your job search.

  1. CareerBuilder: There is an entire section on this prominent job listing site devoted to health care jobs. Start here to create a profile, and look for a job as a medical lab tech, and get access to hundreds of job listings.
  2. Monster.com: You can use this general web site to find health care jobs. Includes medical lab technician jobs, as well as other types of medical professional jobs.
  3. Indeed: This is a well-known site for a variety of professional jobs. You can find med tech jobs, along with other great job opportunities in the health care sector. A great place to get started.
  4. Jobs.com: You can search for jobs by city and state, as well as job title and category. Also includes helpful hints for job hunting and resume building.
  5. SimplyHired: Another great, general site, you can find a number of professional health care positions. Look for medical technician jobs and lab tech jobs to get listings from all over the country.
  6. JobCircle: Easy to search by state and by city, as well as category. Get access to hundreds of health care jobs, including medical lab technician openings.
  7. Mega Jobsites: Look for career opportunities as a medical lab technician around the country — and even in your area.
  8. Snagajob: Use this site to find hourly jobs, including those in the health care industry, such as medical lab technician jobs.
  9. Job-Hunt.org: Plenty of resources for your job search, including for med lab tech jobs.
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