25 Incredible Medical Sites Every Lab Tech Should Bookmark

If studying to become a medical lab tech, there can be lots to learn and not a lot of time to learn it in. And a quick search of the internet can bring more questions than answers on everything from common lab tests to the latest breakthroughs in medicine. However, those with a few minutes of internet reading time and a little know how can stay ahead of this problem.

To prove it, we have gathered 25 incredible medical sites every lab tech should bookmark. They include everything from some of the most well-known names in virtual medicine, to must see tools to help you through school, and even a few for the average lab tech with questions on procedures, tests, or the latest news.

Incredible General Medical Sites Every Lab Tech Should Bookmark

  1. Web MD
    There are many reasons this remains one of the leading medical sites in the world and one of them is the fact that loads of doctors stop by to write about health and review every article published. There are also tons of active online communities on everything from ADHD to sleep problems. You can even sign up for any of their over 40 newsletters at no charge.
  2. Medline Plus
    This site is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Get an A to Z listing of common and uncommon health topics. They also offer videos, cool tools, and much more.
  3. CDC
    Get your health information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention here. They have the latest news in outbreaks and diseases to watch. You can also get an A to Z index of health topics, as well as data and statistics.
  4. Better Medicine
    Once known as Wrong Diagnosis, the goal of this site is to help you better understand the information at hand. They have wellness centers for men, women, children, and seniors. Current popular items are on fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy.
  5. Health Central
    There are many sponsored health centers here, such as ones on heart disease and cancer. They also have symptom checkers, a community, and many online health programs.
  6. Mayo Clinic
    Learn about the latest research and breakthroughs in health as well as general information here. The clinic features practitioners in all areas who write regularly on their field of practice. They even have a special section just for medical professionals.
  7. CNN Health
    Get the latest news in health with a visit here. CNN is infamous for providing up to the minute coverage of the entire world’s news, including health. Recent top stories are on folic acid and OCD in young kids.
  8. NYT Health
    Need your health news in a more detailed manner? Then click here to get the long story from “The New York Times.” In addition to the latest news, they also have other columns and blogs on the topic.

Incredible Educational Medical Sites Every Lab Tech Should Bookmark

  1. Pub Med
    Also part of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, get over 20 million citations in medicine with a visit. There are loads of tools such as the citation matcher and a mobile app. You can also get full text articles, tutorials, and information on clinical trials.
  2. Instant Anatomy
    This site focuses on “aiding learning in human anatomy.” Get loads of diagrams and information on various parts of the human body. Be sure not to miss the podcasts with valuable lessons on anatomy.
  3. Med Terms
    Get a free online medical dictionary with a visit to this site. An important part of any medical study, simply type in the word to get a definition, information, and even an article on the term. There is also a Word of the Day and latest news.
  4. Medical Encyclopedia
    If the above didn’t give you enough information, bookmark here. It is a medical encyclopedia from Medicine Online. You can search for words, do an A to Z search, or get the latest medical news.
  5. The Merck Manual
    These manuals can be pretty expensive when bought off the shelves, but did you know that Merck offers many for free on this site? Simply click on which manual you would like to begin reading on topics such as cardiovascular disorders as well as ready reference guides.
  6. Journal Watch
    Don’t have the time to read every medical journal out there? The folks at Journal Watch understand, and that is why they bring the best in medical journals to one place. You can choose by specialty or simply check out the latest on the homepage.
  7. Journal of the Medical Association
    Chances are if there is a medical breakthrough, it will be featured on the JAMA. Take a look at many entries with no subscription needed on the homepage. There is also a blog with more.
  8. The New England Journal of Medicine
    Similar to the above, this journal features the latest in research news. You can also read many entries without a subscription. The Image Challenge and Image of the Week are also not to be missed for their interesting portrayal of real life cases.

Incredible Medical Sites Every Lab Tech Should Bookmark

  1. Advance
    Get a site just for medical laboratory professionals with a visit here. They have features, a learning scope, and the latest news in the field. Be sure not to miss the free webinars with more.
  2. Lab Tests Online
    Visit here for a public resource on clinical lab testing from lab professionals. You can choose from the columns on the right to find information on tests, conditions, and screenings. The blog is also updated regularly with news lab techs can use.
  3. Reference Lab Tests
    This is part of the ARUP Laboratories site. It has a directory that contains complete, up-to-date test information, including methodology and reporting times, collection and transportation specifications, reference intervals, and more. You can even download the directory as PDF files.
  4. Blood Tests and Interpreting Results
    Got lab test results and don’t know what to make of them? Then use this tool to search for more information. The drop-down menu has many common lab tests as well as more information on them.
  5. Online Laboratory Test Guide
    Similar to the above, this site can help you interpret lab tests. It is sponsored by the University of Washington’s Department of Laboratory Medicine. Type in the name and select fields such as test name, mnemonic, and cross references to get answers.
  6. Any Lab Test
    If you just need the shorthand on a lab test, click here. This lab offers tests and lists them all here, including what each test is for. You can also look up tests by type needed.
  7. Lab Interpretation
    Lab Test Portal is a provider of lab services all across the country. In this guide, they contain an A though Z guide of lab tests as well as their description. Simply click on the one you want to know more about or check out the popular tests section.
  8. Clinical Laboratory Management Association
    Read what the people who run the lab read with a visit here. The CLMA keeps on top of laboratory technology and share more here. In addition to news, you can find jobs, knowledge, and more.
  9. American Medical Technologists
    They specialize in certifications for allied health, including medical laboratory technicians. Learn more about the benefits of a certificate with a visit here. They also have other extras for lab techs here.
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