Top 50 Medical Research Blogs

Being up to date on the latest medical research is an important part of any career in health care. It is a good idea to keep track of what is happening in the medical world, since it would help you be a better health care professional. There are a number of blogs that deal with medical research and breakthroughs. Here are 50 blogs that provide some insight into medical research:

General Medical Research

Tobias-AIDS-testHere are some general blogs that cover medical research and information.

  1. Medical Research News Blog: This blog from MedicineWorld provides interesting new research and breakthroughs.
  2. FasterCures: Looks at different issues in health care, and looks at the field of medical research and works toward reform.
  3. The Health Care Blog: Considers different questions related to the medical field, and shares the latest research and procedures.
  4. Medical News Base: Get the latest in medical technology and research.
  5. The Lancet Global Health Network: A great blog that pulls medical research and news from different journals and papers from around the world.
  6. Karen Grepin’s Global Health Blog: A blog focusing on research and the results of medical research around the world.
  7. South Carolina Rural Health Research Center: This blog looks at medical research, especially as it relates to health issues in rural areas.
  8. Institute for Women’s Health Research: Northwestern put together this blog to share medical research related to women’s health.
  9. PharmaGossip: Get the latest news and medical research related to drug development and effects.
  10. Clinical Cases and Images: This blog is devoted to showing clinical cases and also the results of research as case studies progress.
  11. Animal Medical Center blog: Even pets need someone to find ways to keep them happy. This medical research blog focuses on animal health.

Public Health Blogs

Often, blogs with a public health focus do great reporting on medical research. And, their posts provide helpful and applicable information for those reading the research.

  1. Wall Street Journal Health Blog: This blog reports on the latest medical research and how it relates to ordinary folks.
  2. Covering Health: A blog focuses on medical research and how it is covered by journalists.
  3. Effect Measure: Results of different medical research, and how they relate to public health.
  4. Global Health Policy: This blog provides insight into different health happenings around the world, and reports on research findings.
  5. Healthcare Technology News: Get the latest in medical technology and the research that is making it possible.
  6. Gooznews: Intelligent analysis of medical research and public health policy.
  7. Dr. Buttery’s Public Health Blog: A great resource for those who are interested in the results of public-health based research. Results of medical research and interpretation of data.
  8. Health Care Industry Buzz: Find out what’s going on in the health care industry, what research is being performed, and how it affects the public.
  9. Conflict Health: Health issues, news and research on the areas of the world affected by war.
  10. Health Alerts: This blog from Yeshiva University provides alerts related to health and medical emergencies.

Medical Research on Specific Conditions

These are blogs devoted to what’s happening with regard to various conditions. If you are looking for specific research, these blogs are good places to go.

  1. Gynecological Cancer Research Network: This blog focuses on medical research related to gynecological cancers.
  2. CureSearch: This blog is devoted to sharing the latest medical research related to childhood cancers.
  3. ALS Spread the Word: Devoted to Lou Gehrig’s Disease and sharing the latest breakthroughs related to finding ways to treat the condition.
  4. Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease: This blog focuses on the medical research involved in using stem cells to treat heart disease.
  5. Heart Disease and Stroke: You’re the Cure: This blog looks at attempts to help heart disease and stroke victims, as well as looking at medical research and advancements.
  6. Adult Stem Cell Research: This blog looks at advancements made through the use of adult stem cells.
  7. Diabetes Daily: Different blogs from those with diabetes. Sharing research and the latest medical technology to help those who suffer from diabetes.
  8. Celiac Princess: Get information on the latest treatments and research for Celiac disease, and learn about different foods that you can prepare to help you deal with the condition.
  9. Modeling Parkinson’s Disease: This blog aims at modeling Parkinson’s and providing research about this degenerative condition.
  10. At Risk for Huntington’s Disease: IF you are looking for medical research and news on Huntington’s Disease, this blog is an excellent place to go.

Medical Ethics Blogs

These blogs deal with the ethics of medical research and ethics in the health care profession in general. These are great places to go if you are looking for more information on how medical research is conducted.

  1. Research Ethics Blog: Looks at the ethical implications of medical research, especially human subject medical research.
  2. Sufficient Scruples: Learn about medical ethics and understand how the health care profession should function.
  3. Medical Ethics Blog: Takes a look at the ethics behind medical practice and research.
  4. FDA Law Blog: Get the latest FDA medical research results and learn about legal issues.
  5. Lost in Translation: Medical research, commentary and discussions of medical ethics.
  6. Drugwonks: Discusses the latest pharmaceutical medical research in context of public policy and ethics.
  7. Adventures in Ethics and Science: A look at scientific breakthroughs in the medical field, as well as their ethical implications.
  8. Biopolitical Times: Latest health research and alerts, along with a dose of ethics and public policy.
  9. BrainEthics: Looks at the latest medical research with regard to the human brain, and discusses it in ethical terms.

Medical Professional Blogs

Some of the best information on medical research comes from those working in medical professions. Here are some great blogs that share health issues and information.

  1. Dr. Scherger: This blog on Revolution Health offers information on different medical conditions and treatments.
  2. BrainBlog: Blog about the brain and the latest research related to understanding it.
  3. Family Medicine Notes: Get news and information, as well as research, on the latest in medicne.
  4. Wachter’s World: Learn about what’s going on in today’s health industry, from practices to policy to research.
  5. Super Dok: Get observations, medical news and information from this doctor and professor in the Philippines.
  6. Dr. Geoff’s Med Blog: Information on the latest treatments and health issues from a former emergency room doctor.
  7. Mothers in Medicine: This is a multi-author blog that brings medical news, information and research to readers — from the perspective of mothers in the medical industry.
  8. Mind Hacks: This blog focuses on neuro science and the breakthroughs and research in that field.
  9. Reflections in a Head Mirror: This blog comes from the Medical College of Wisconsin and follows the experiences of a doctor, and shares his insights on treatment options.
  10. Stress Blog: The Mayo Clinic offers a look at stress reduction and research related to how stress relief can help other conditions.
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