Top 5 Firefox Extensions for Medical Workers

Firefox is considered the ideal browser for a lot of people. With a growing number of extensions, it is easy to personalize your web browser to fit your professional and personal needs. Medical workers can experience the various utilities it has to offer; a number of these extensions can be used by people in the medical profession to streamline their work and be more effective.

  1. Customized Google This extension allows the users to set Google features to their liking. It also blocks any unsolicited advertisements in the search engine. This blocking of unwanted information includes Google mail. The medical worker wanting to search images of a particular ailment can remap Google images, and they can go to the images directly. They don’t have to go to the original website. Customized Google extension allows the user to add links acquired from different engines as well into the final search results.
  2. Gspace This extension manages and stores content, and Google mail is used as an internet storage device. A doctor can use this extension to store information concerning patient medical history and conditions from the internet. This extension is convenient as it allows files to be placed in Google mail easily without stopping other work from being carried out. Gspace also allows the user to listen and watch audio and video files, and they can access pictures stored in the Gdrive.
  3. DownThemAll This Firefox extension is convenient for medical workers. It is very flexible in terms of downloading files. This utility gives the user more control in downloading files from the internet, and they can easily establish the files needed.
  4. Scrapbook This extension is the most widely used by medical personnel throughout the world. Medical students and scientists find it extremely useful. It allows users to save web pages from particular sites together with website addresses. These come in handy to medical workers who frequently search the internet for a particular topic. The extension allows the user to arrange the pages in way similar to bookmarks. This comes in handy as the user is able to create a bibliography of areas researched on. The medical worker will find this extension very useful as it replaces typing errors when typing out addresses in the bar for the URL. The extension also fixes typing errors in the domain, such as .edu,.com,.gov. It also corrects the protocol used in internet addresses. The extension will also look into the correct country code.
  5. Flash block This extension stops flash players from opening when a site is accessed. This is useful to the medical worker who does not want annoying information playing. This extension will replace flash media with buttons where you can watch the message if the user decides to. There can be a useful documentary to the medical worker on YouTube, and they can stop it if it’s one of those irritating online advertisements.
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